Digital Gold Share (DGS) has created a compensation plan that enables you to earn direct sales commission by selling customer subscriptions to others who would like to use its product, as well as earn commissions by selling memberships to others who may become distributors and participate in the compensation plan. 

Member/Customer – Anyone who purchases the basic membership package offered by the company. If a customer is unable to purchase a distributor package to qualify to be a part of the compensation plan they can sell a distributor package(s) and be placed in the company matrix. Commissions will accrue until such time as the distributor fee is earned. At that time, they will continue in the program as a fully paid distributor eligible for all organization commissions.

Active Distributor – To be eligible to earn organization commission a customer must purchase the distributor package and pay the monthly qualification. Distributors who do not renew their monthly qualification will lose commissions and their position in the company’s compensation program.

Matrix – Commissions are paid for personally enrolled distributors and all other distributors who are placed in the matrix by the collective efforts of other distributors. At this time the minimum point value amount of 75 is converted to Bitcoin from US Dollars and paid out thru 7 levels in the company-wide matrix. (See below for details)



When a basic subscription package for $20.00 is purchased the purchaser is a customer who is able to use benefits provided by the company. They are not placed in the Matrix and have no other interest in the company, other than using their subscription. No commission is paid on this transaction.



Anyone who purchases the basic subscription package can earn commission on distributor memberships they sell. Monthly subscriptions are based on the anniversary date of the month in which you join.



All distributors who purchase a subscription package and elect to participate in the monthly subscription program are placed into the companies 3 x 7 Forced Matrix. The distributor must be current on their monthly subscription fee thru the end of their anniversary date each month.

The Matrix illustration below shows the maximum potential earning on for each level in the matrix. The illustration is based on a total of 75 points for each active distributor on all levels of the matrix. This example is for illustration purposes only. It is not to imply that any distributor participating in the program will earn the amounts illustrated. Each distributor earns based on their level of participation and work that they do to achieve their success. Every distributor active in the matrix pay plan is responsible for keeping their membership current.  The company offers a voluntary auto order program to ensure the member remains active. If a distributor does not maintain their active status they will have a 5-day grace period, without commission to bring their membership up to date.  After the grace period, their position will be permanently removed from the company-wide matrix and they will lose the right to any and all future earnings.


3x7 Forced Matrix

Level Payout Minimum Points # Per Level $ Per IBO Per Level
1 10% 75 3 $7.50 $22.50
2 15% 75 9 $11.25 $101.25
3 30% 75 27 $22.50 $607.50
4 10% 75 81 $7.50 $607.50
5 10% 75 243 $7.50 $1,822.50
6 10% 75 729 $7.50 $5,467.50
7 10% 75 2187 $7.50 $16,402.50



Enroll 0 Qualify for levels 1 and 2

Enroll 1 Active Associates Qualify for levels 1 thru 3

Enroll 2 Active Associates Qualify for levels 1 thru 4

Enroll 3 Active Associates Qualify for levels 1 thru 5

Enroll 4 Active Associates Qualify for levels 1 thru 7